Concurrency and async/await

Is async/await slowing down your code? Yeah, you read it right. With a little oversight, you may be inadvertently serializing parts of code which can otherwise run concurrently.

Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm: Math behind Bitcoin

A simplified mathematical description of the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) used by Bitcoin for signing transactions.

Raspberry Pi Zero - The $5 computer

The Raspberry Pi foundation has launched a smaller and cheaper model of the Raspberry Pi, called the Raspberry Pi Zero. Smaller than a business card, and costing just US$5, the RPi Zero is an early Christmas present for all the hardware hackers around!

Vue.Js - Reactive Components for Modern Web Interfaces

I recently came across Vue.js - a lightweight library for building reactive, modular interfaces. Though, I used it only for adding one-way data-binding to my Handlebar templates, Vue has a lot more to offer. It recently hit v1.0, and announced itself as production ready.

I hope to pique your interest just enough to read the official guide and get started.

React Native comes to Android

Facebook's ground-breaking React Native library is now available for Android!

Create 3D within your browser

Thanks to the advancements in hardware, and the growth of the web as a platform, now you can create 3D right inside your browser - for free!

ES2015: The bits I use - Part 2

With ES2015, JavaScript now has native support for modules. Patterns from popular libraries such as AMD and CommonJS have been unified and formalized in ES2015.

ES2015: The bits I use - Part 1

The JS landscape is changing. Everyone is talking about the big change - ES2015 (previously called ES6) is here and is already being adopted at a strong pace. This is a first of a multi-part article detailing the features of ES2015 which excite me the most!

Firefox Hello

Mozilla has launched Firefox Hello, (formerly, Project Loop) - a browser agnostic, real-time communications service. Could this hurt the popularity of Skype?

Whatsapp officially on the desktop

This is no hack or workaround! Messaging application, WhatsApp is now officially available on the desktop.

Microsoft working on new web browser?

Microsoft is reportedly working on a new browser, codenamed Spartan as a replacement for Internet Explorer. There were talks about big changes coming to IE, but this is likely to be a completely different browser, not just a re-branded IE 12.

Earth-Mars Transfers with Ballistic Capture

A recent paper proposes 'Ballistic Capture' technique of orbital transfer for manned missions to Mars. The new technique can potentially cut costs as well as allow for flexible launch timings.

Hackers break into ICANN

Major systems of ICANN were compromised by unknown hackers who managed to gain access to Zone File records.

Skype translator preview

Skype has kicked off its live translator feature in two spoken languages — English and Spanish. In addition, over 40 languages will be supported for IM.

The Event Horizon Telescope

Astronomers are gearing up to take a picture of a supermassive black hole, what they say, will be the 'Image Of The Century'.

Rosetta findings raise questions about origin of water on Earth

Analysis of data beamed back from comet 67P seems to contradict the popular theory that the water on Earth was 'seeded' by comets.

Comet 67P is gray in colour

OSIRIS imaging system aboard the Rosetta orbiter has beamed back one of the first 'true colour' images of the comet 67P.

Node.js Forked

Unhappy with how Joyent was controlling Node.js the top contributors of the framework, have forked the project into io.js