About Desdevpro

Desdevpro is my weekend, late-night project. Whether I have an interesting factoid to share, or show off my latest exploits, this is where the action unfolds!

The origin of Desdevpro can be traced back to early 2003 when a group of like-minded computer enthusiasts got together to work on interesting project ideas. The objective was in no way commercial; learning by doing was the governing principle.

We started with application development and, moved to the web, ventured into the world of graphics with 3D modeling and animation, and also toyed with robotics.

The Journey

What started as an after-school hobby club, with purely academic intent attracted a flurry of commercial project contracts. Elated at our success and encouraged by the positive response received by our work, Desdevpro went professional in 2007 as a small business providing software consulting services across a wide array of domains.

Over the next five years Desdevpro rolled out several ground-breaking products, scores of corporate websites and an educational web portal. Our in-house content-management system, christened QML, went on to become one of our most successful products (hat tip to all our customers!)


All this while, the Desdevpro Lab has kept busy. Not everything we started lived to see the light of day, but that doesn't deter us from taking on a challenge!

Notable projects at Desdevpro include a proof-of-concept VR shopping portal (Subir Chowdhuri, Mayank Tewari, 2007), a distributed teaching and collaboration tool (Subir Chowdhuri, 2009) and a real-time hand-gesture recognition system (Subir Chowdhuri, Ashutosh Mukherjee, 2010).

Subir Chowdhuri

Subir Chowdhuri

I conceived Desdevpro way back in 2004, starting out as an amateur graphics and web designer. I juggle my time between working a day job as a web-developer and my pet projects at Desdevpro.