React Native comes to Android

The wait is over! Staying true to their promise, Facebook launched React Native for Android. However, as of now, this is available for Mac OSX users only.

For the uninitiated, React Native is a native mobile app development framework from Facebook. It build upon the ReactJS concept of reactive UIs achieved through a differential, minimal update.

Using React Native, you can build world-class mobile applications native platforms using JavaScript and React, instead of platform-specific languages such as Java (Android) or Objective-C (iOS). This comes as a huge "power-up" to seasoned JS developers, who can now extend their skills to the mobile platform.

Unlike using Javascript app frameworks such as Phonegap/Cordova, ReactNative apps are not hybrid apps.

What about Linux & Windows?

Official support for Linux and Windows may be just around the corner. Members of the community have been trying hard to get this to work.

Update Nov 2, 2015

Experimental support for Windows and Linux has been officially added to React Native: