Dr. Dobbs retires

Dr. Dobb's Journal

For 38 years, Dr. Dobb's Journal has been a worldwide means of sharing curated, high-quality programming info. Young techies may not realise the impact Dr. Dobb's made in the scene way back in the 80s and 90s. For hard core veterans, this annoucementis cause to mourn the passing of a giant.

I must admit that I was late to the party. I discovered Dr. Dobb's sometime in the late 90's, browsing through the works of Al Stevens. Though, I personally found the general content of the website too 'broad', it made for an interesting, light read.

With the advent of the Internet, print magazines did lose their importance to a great extent. In the last decade, wikis, tech blogs from seasoned programmers, tutorial websites, Youtube and Q&A sites like Stackoverflow have ushered in a new era of sharing information, making the old warhorses irrelevant.


The website will stay online for another year or more, with no new content being added. For those interested in offline archives, they sell a DVD with the 1988-2009 archives on the site. It is likely to be updated with recent content.